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Consumption does not have to be all bad.

We are a sustainable, slow fashion brand with a zero waste mission. Our goal is to bring awareness on the impact the fashion industry has on the environment while creating quality timeless clothing made to last that make you and the planet a better place.

One of a kind

Thrift Finds

Everything we make is guaranteed.

The more you know, the less you need.

Vaed was originally founded in 2020 during the first quarantine lockdown due to covid-19, realizing the fashion industry was one of the leading contributors to global warming and the ecological destruction happening now. I decided to make a change within myself and help enlighten others on my path to bettering the planet, by offering an alternative to fast fashion where all our clothes are made to last for generations to come, made from deadstock fabrics and second-hand clothes, we aim to re-purpose and bring old unwanted garments a new life and hopefully a new home.