Our Mission

At Vaed our ethos is simple yet transformative: we repurpose, repair, resell, and recycle donated clothing and fabrics, ensuring that every piece finds its purpose anew. Collaborating closely with recycling companies and visionary independent designers, we breathe fresh life into materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, weaving a tapestry of innovation and responsibility.

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Customized Purses

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  • Repurpose

    Choose from our set designs available & make it your own from our collection of unwanted Textiles.

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  • Repair

    Have clothing that just doesn't fit right? We offer virtual and in person repair and alteration services to make your clothing fit as it should.

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  • Resell

    Any clothing that doesnt a line with our designs or our collaborators will get resold without the crazy reselling prices.

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  • Recycle

    Any Fabric scraps or damaged clothing with be properly recycled and turned into insulation or transformed into a recycled fiber.

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