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About Vaed by Veronica Arroyo

Vaed (Veronica Arroyo Ethical Designs) by Veronica Arroyo is a small independent sustainable brand Based in Miami, created by me Veronica Arroyo. 

 We are a free-spirited, retro brand created for the sole purpose of educating others on the impact the fashion industry has on our environment and giving back to communities in need, all while creating unique fashion forward pieces.



Every item is hand made to order in Miami by Veronica Arroyo, all materials used are ethically and sustainably sourced, while following a Zero waste conduct. All fabrics are made from natural, organic fibers, dyed with natural pigments, or up-cycled clothing that is given a 2nd life and turned into something new and improved. All our packaging is plastic free, made from recycled paper, biodegradable, and recyclable. Even all the labels and tags are made from recycled, natural materials.


Clothing is something we all need and most of us love but don't realize has such a negative impact. Since I was 13 I have been pursuing my dreams of being a Fashion Designer, and with the many learning experiences I have had, Growing up on an Organic farm my entire life has made me who I am today. I am now one with nature and I cant live without being surrounded by it, so much that I knew I couldn't pursue being in the industry unless I created a brand that didn't adhere to the adverse, and unethical corporation that is fast fashion. 

 I hope you find the love in your hearts to allow me to educate you on the impact your daily lifestyle has on the world and step by step help the world that surrounds us all while looking and feeling amazing.