About Vaed Slow Fashion Studio

Welcome to Vaed, where fashion meets conscience, and where the journey of each garment knows no end, only endless possibilities.

At Vaed, our mission transcends mere fashion; it's about bestowing eternal life upon clothing and textiles. We've embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way we interact with our wardrobes. Our slow fashion Studio is dedicated to community, sustainability and circularity. We prioritize reducing environmental impact by crafting timeless clothing, hosting clothing swaps and monthly workshops so you can learn how to up-cycle your clothing. Through the use of Up-cycling second hand materials, and community events we extremely minimize resource consumption and pollution.

Our ethos is simple yet transformative: we repurposeresell, repair, and recycle donated second hand clothing and fabrics, ensuring that every piece finds its purpose anew. 
Finding endless ways to Repurpose we prioritize community and offer hands on workshops every month to learn how to upcycle your clothing and incorporate more sustainable practices in your wardrobe. Shop online from our collection of upcycled one of a kind garments to level up your closet, hoping to soon work with more independent designers to supply them with the materials they need to further create their up-cycled pieces and upload on our marketplace.

We receive dozens of clothing and textile donations and anything that was not repurposed or picked up at a swap will get resold on our online secondhand marketplace to you without the crazy reselling prices. 

The most sustainable option are the clothing already in your closet to to make your clothing last we offer repair and alteration services so they fit you as it should.

Once your clothing and textiles have gone through each of these steps and it didnt make the cut the last stop is to get properly recycled. With each step we breathe fresh life into materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, weaving a tapestry of innovation and responsibility.

The VA in Vaed

Vaed (Veronica Arroyo Environmental Designs), founded by Veronica Arroyo in June 2020, operates as a one-woman business, where each item is meticulously handcrafted to order by Veronica Arroyo herself. Born in Puerto Rico and raised on an organic farm in Jacksonville, Florida, Veronica's design style and mission were profoundly influenced by her upbringing. She began designing and sewing at the young age of 13.

During her time at Columbia College Chicago in 2018, Veronica discovered the harsh realities of the fashion industry. With her unique background, she was determined to ensure her impact on the industry was a positive one. Fast forward to 2020, amid the pandemic and after attending the Miami Fashion Institute, Veronica was committed to launching her own sustainable brand. Vaed is dedicated to breathing new life into old clothing by upcycling and crafting custom, handcrafted garments from dead-stock fabrics. Vaed's commitment to sustainability extends to its materials and practices, adhering to a zero-waste approach. This dedication to eco-friendly materials not only reduces waste but also minimizes the environmental footprint of production.

Furthermore, Vaed prioritizes eco-conscious packaging. All packaging is plastic-free, made from recycled paper, biodegradable, and recyclable. Even the labels and tags are thoughtfully crafted from recycled, natural materials. These efforts exemplify Vaed's comprehensive approach to sustainability, encompassing every aspect of its business, from design to packaging.

In a world where fast fashion dominates, Vaed stands as a symbol of sustainability, community support, and conscious fashion, embodying the values of a responsible and environmentally-conscious brand.

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